What is sex? 彭曉輝 譯 阮芳賦校


The word “sex” (from the Latin secare: to cut, to divide) originally refers to nothing more than the division of the human race into two groups: females and males. Every individual belongs to either one of these groups, i.e. to one of the two sexes. A person is either of female or male sex.
However, upon closer inspection, the matter is not quite that simple. In some cases it can be extremely difficult to determine whether a particular individual is female or male.

“sex”這個詞(起源於拉丁詞 secare:切割、分開)最初只不過用來將人類劃分為兩個群體:女性和男性。每個個體屬於這兩個群體中的一個,即屬於兩性中的一個。一個人要麼是女性,要麼是男性。



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